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Since there is humanity, it strives to create images. Mid-19th century also arrived photographyto the media already known.As always, there were some trends, time was very realistic photographed times rather romantic.We know the photographies which imitated classical paintings modeled on images from flea marketsor also of collections in museums.

Very early images of naked people, preferably young, female prostitutes were offered under the counter in many stores. Fortunately, the morals have achieved and now one must no longer be ashamed of well-crafted nudes, or even to hide them. Ok, some countries…but thats an other story.

I feel more committed to the naturalistic style, although I do modern, digital media work. Retouch only as much as necessary, the person depicted to recognize themselves in the photographs.

The appeal comes through my lightings, the choice of location and the moment captured.

Never squeezes any person to unnaturally poses in front of the camera. Better install easy conversation, telling small stories entertaining and to let forget the camera.

Prefering warm colors as shown in the samples gallery.

Black&White is the emphasis of lines and shapes, and a very wide range of grayscales.

Time does not matter. For good nudes one needs mutual trust. This usually does not come in five seconds.I would rather agree the people let them the necessary time to accommodate the unusual situationand lose nervousness.

Avoid to work with big exagerated equipment to only impress people. Complicated systems do not necessarily lead to better photographs.

Keep It Simple, Stupid! KISS

Ask about an individual offer for a shooting you’ll never forget. The photographes remains and you may watch them in large formats or in your personal book.

The sample gallery shows a small bunch of images from previous shootings. Indoor or outdoor, in warm colors or classic black&white.

Feelings and moments are most important elements of photography

Just give it a try

Indoor - Nudes by Walo

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