Photo artist Walo Thönen

Happily married in 1988, in 1990 our son was born. 

We live in southern Switzerland ,Ticino, near the lake Ceresio, also known as Lago di Lugano. 

A car crash interrupted my career as ophthalmic optician and I made my passion to a profession.

I like to meet people and so I love to shoot people.

About me

Name:  Karsten Schmidt

Jahrgang:  1950

Fachschule: HFAO

Dipl. ophthalmic optician

preferred colour:  Orange 

musicstyle:  Jazz

passion: photography

likes most:

smart erotics



• music favorits:

Louis Armstrong

 Harry Belafonte

KISS: Keep It Simple and Stupid

phone: +41 on request

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